International Interactive Art Workshop at DPÜ Ended with an Exhibition

The International Interactive Art Workshop, hosted by DPU Faculty of Fine Arts and organized by the Painting Department, was completed with the closing ceremony and the exhibition.

In the six-day event organized by the GSF Painting Department and attended by 24 artists from different countries, observation - field trips of historical sites, including the Aizanoi Ancient City, art works in groups and workshops were organized. Different techniques, methods and processes were experienced in the applied sections of the event, where artistic conversations were held on the participants' interests and themes.


Our Rector Prof. attended the closing ceremony of the workshop held in Ahmet Yakupoğlu Lecture Hall and the opening ceremony of the exhibition held in Phrygia Exhibition Hall. Dr. Süleyman Kızıltoprak, our Dean Prof. Dr. Levent Mercin, Kütahya Fine Arts Vocational School Director Assoc. Prof. Pınar Yazkaç, artists and academicians in the workshop, our faculty members and students attended.


Our Head of Painting Department, Prof. Dr. Selda Mant Menay, who made the first speech here, thanked all the academicians and artists who participated in the event from home and abroad and said that the workshop was very productive and that works were produced on main topics such as impressions of Kütahya, victory, urban culture and landscape. In his speech, Prof. Dr. Mant Menay also thanked our Rectorate, Dumlupınar Municipality, Kütahya Municipality and Kütahya Governorship for supporting the event.


Our Dean, Prof. Dr. Levent Mercin, said, "This workshop represents a day that we have not been able to do for many years, but now we have the pleasure of doing. The pandemic and the earthquake prevented us from holding this workshop. A serious budget is needed to carry out such operations. With the support of our Rector, we have provided this support as a scientific We took it as a research project. Kütahya is an art city, a city of artists. I would like to thank and respect everyone who contributed to this workshop.

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