Important Collaboration Step from DPU

Quantitative PCR analyzer, which is located in Molecular Biotechnology and Epigenetics Laboratory of Kütahya Dumlupınar University Advanced Technologies Center (DPÜ İLTEM), was given to the use of KSBÜ Evliya Çelebi Training and Research Hospital until the end of the Covid-19 outbreak in order to contribute to the fight against the epidemic of our healthcare personnel.

Quantitative PCR analyzer belonging to Kütahya Dumlupınar University has been offered to the use of our healthcare professionals fighting the Covid-19 outbreak.

The cooperation of two major public institutions of Kütahya regarding our Q-PCR analyzer with advanced Q-PCR technology, which can perform 96 tests at the same time and has a daily test capacity of more than one thousand, will make a significant contribution to the health of the public and society in Kütahya. In addition, it will help alleviate the workload of our healthcare professionals who have been working devotedly since the first day of the epidemic.

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DPU Press - 18 September 2020, Friday / read by 510 persons.

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