Great Support from DPU for High Value Added Boron Products

Kütahya Dumlupınar University Rector Prof. Dr. Kâzım Uysal stated that they included the projects related to Boron within the scope of priority area projects (ÖNAP) and that they would give 1 million lira project support in the first place.

Kütahya Dumlupınar University included the projects related to boron within the scope of priority area projects.

Vice Rector for Research and Application Centers Prof. Dr. Hasan Göçmez stated that ,“The majority of demand in the sector is provided by the two producers of boron and Turkey is the leader with 56%. Boron products have a wide range of use in the world, including sectors such as glass, agriculture, ceramics, chemistry, metallurgy, medicine and nuclear. Therefore, R&D studies to be carried out with boron products are very important. sectors as demand for boron products in Turkey; cleaning, glass and ceramic sectors. Although boron products have a potential in many advanced technological applications, its use remains so limited is an issue that needs to be emphasized and improved. In order to use the potential of boron products in areas such as health, defense, energy and communication technologies, R&D studies should be carried out and then advanced technological boron products should be commercialized”.

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DPU Press - 15 January 2021, Friday / read by 479 persons.


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