Coronavirus Measures to be Applied at DPU Announced

In the meeting held by the Kutahya Dumlupınar University Corona Virus Commission (DPU-KOV-KOM), the measures to be taken within the scope of the fight against coronavirus were launched and started to be implemented.

Coronavirus Measures to be Applied at DPU Announced

In the meeting held by the Kutahya Dumlupınar University Corona Virus Commission (DPU-KOV-KOM), the measures to be taken within the scope of the fight against coronavirus were launched and started to be implemented.The following measures has been taken:

1.Among the academic and administrative staff, those above 60 years of age, with the exception of the rector, vice-rectors, deans, vocational school directors, school principals, institute directors, and those with chronic illness, disabled, pregnant and milk permit will be considered as administrative leave, other than academic and administrative staff. if they request, they will be evaluated by the rectorate within the framework of their excuses to be considered annual leave,

2.Cancel all academic and administrative staff abroad, including those previously planned, until a second announcement,

3.Cancel all students educational activities, academic exchange programs, social activities, cultural trips, sports activities, competitions, etc., which are previously planned, related to university activities, until a second announcement,

4.All students (Turkish and foreign nationals) are informed by our university that if they travel abroad, they may have problems according to the status of the pandemic on their return, their flights may be canceled, they may not continue their education for at least 14 days when they return, and may have other problems,

5.Within the scope of the exchange program such as Mevlana or Erasmus, the measures taken by our faculties and relevant institutes in order to prevent our students, who will be abroad and return abroad, from experiencing victimization,

6.Canceling the calls about project based Mevlana programs,

7.According to the 12 March 2020/2 Presidential circular, all foreign exits have been stopped and, in case of necessity, obtaining permission from the Rectorate.

8.From the date of March 13, 2020, Presidential administrative leave of over 60 years old, disabled employees, those with chronic diseases (these are specified in the article) are considered to be administrative leave for 12 days starting from March 16, 2020,

9.Documenting the chronic disease stated in the article with the current report, and ensuring the use of annual leave, depending on the direction of the administrators, when the permissions of the personnel other than these are required,

10.To meet the annual leave requests of women academic, administrative and support services personnel who have children in preschool and primary school, which are included in article 2 of the HEC announcement, and to evaluate the request of using excuse permit for those who do not have the right to annual leave, by considering the execution of the services, by the unit managers,

11.All education, academic exchange programs, social and cultural activities, sports competitions; the cancellation of all foreign activities (including those planned previously) with a wide range of academic or administrative staff or student participation until a second announcement pursuant to article 4 of the HEC announcement,

12.Interruption of all associate, undergraduate, postgraduate education and teaching, science and engineering programs that continue to formal education programs until a later date to be announced to internship and applied education,

13.Within the scope of education and training activities, all kinds of thesis monitoring, doctorate qualification meetings will be interrupted,

14.Interrupting the services of canteen, tea house, dining hall, library, reading room, indoor sports facility, nursery, swimming pool in the campus area,

15.Determining the possible return dates of students and staff abroad and their quarantine 14 days after return by the relevant administrative units, in this case, to evaluate the situation by coordinating with the Foreign Relations, YÖS and TÖMER units,

16.According to the press release of the Presidency Communications Presidency dated 15.03.2020, it was shared that the flights with Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands were stopped at 24.00 on 15 March 2020,

17.According to the press release specified in Article 17, the personnel and students who travel abroad temporarily apply to the consulates in their countries until March 16, 17.00 and that the applicants will be brought to our country until Tuesday, March 17, and share this information with relevant staff and students,

18.Regarding the situation mentioned in articles 16 and 17 above, returning staff and students to stay in their homes for 14 days under quarantine and observation and to be informed about this matter,

19.Disinfection of the rooms, corridors, common areas and corridors in the units at the first stage (on March 16, 17), cleaning the areas such as other laboratories, class workshops from now on, and assisting the staff in charge of the unit staff,

20.Support services to ventilate common areas in each building periodically, with the responsibility of airing the rooms after spraying.

21.Cleaning the door handles, handrails, faucets, elevator and electrical buttons with disinfectant material in room / building cleaning, and noteing the location and time of this process by an administrative staff appointed by the unit manager to archive; keeping the unused toilets and sinks closed, disinfecting the sinks, doors and taps of the used ones hourly and proving this practice with signature,

22.Mobility plans and programs of students and staff who are still abroad and will go back and forth, should be requested in accordance with the standard form prepared by our University,

23.Publishing materials such as videos, slides, posters, brochures including corona antivirus and prepared by relevant public institutions and / or academic institutions in all our digital media,

24.The records of our students who borrowed books / documents from our library have been stopped and there is no victimization,

25.After this date, the books and documents from the borrower should be placed on the shelves of our library after necessary disinfection,

26.At all levels, our employees refrain from comments and evaluations that underestimate the issue and / or cause panic,

27.Strengthening the distance education infrastructure and preparing administrative and academic staff for the possibility that the process may be extended,

29.As an academic institution, to raise awareness of the public and contribute to the natural flow of life,

30.Reporting and archiving of all studies on the subject taking into consideration the possible legal consequences,

31.Putting hand disinfectants at the entrance of all buildings,

32.While the service vehicle continues to provide service, encouraging commuting to and from the service instead of the service to reduce contact; in addition, disinfectant should be available in service vehicles,

33.It has been decided to inform all academic, administrative staff and students with a short message about the fact that the interruption of education is not a holiday but a protection measure,therefore, necessary warnings must be observed, and that new developments are shared about the process.

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