First Course In Distance Education

Kütahya Dumlupınar University, the first course in distance education system started today, the subject of coronaviruses has been processed by our Rector Prof. Dr. Kazim Uysal.

First Course In Distance Education

Kütahya Dumlupınar University, the first course in distance education system started today, the subject of coronaviruses has been processed by our Rector Prof. Dr. Kazim Uysal.

The subject of the course was chosen as Corona viruses during the filming of DPÜ TV studios. Prof. Dr. Kazim Uysal informed our students about both the corona virus in general and Covid-19, the species that initiated the last outbreak of this species that spread around the world.

Prof. Dr. Kazım Uysal's lecture on the corona virus found the following explanations:

Hello my dear students,

Our country and the whole world go through very serious days that we are not used to. The new corona virus, which appeared in Wuhan, China in December 2019, has spread all over the world and has caused serious deaths in some countries and it still causes. The World Health Organization (WHO) called the new corona virus-induced disease Covid-19 on February 11. The new type of coronavirus is caused by severe respiratory infections. This virus is found in some animals and is passed from these animals to humans. Although it is not yet known exactly how it is transmitted to humans, the view that it passes through the wild animal market in Wuhan City-China is becoming stronger. Some people believe that the virus is produced by people as "biopolitical warfare" or "biological warfare" materials. However, no evidence to support this view is available to this date. The new corona virus has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization as it spreads easily and quickly from person to person. Pandemic is a general name given to epidemics that influence and spread over a wide area in the world. Plague, Cholera, Typhoid and Swine flu are among the previously seen pandemics.

Under the leadership of our President and with the extraordinary efforts of our Minister of Health, the measures taken against the covid-19 pandemic are admirable. I have no doubt that you will comply with the measures recommended by scientists and administrators against the new Corona virus pandemic, which is rapidly spreading all over the world. If you want, let's examine some of the biological features related to coronavirus. In this way, I am sure we will have a better understanding of how we should take measures.

As it is known, the most common basic features of all living things are: Reproduction, growth, movement, synthesizing the molecules in need, nutrition, energy production and expenditure. Here, corona viruses are helpless and weak creatures that, like all other viruses, cannot realize any of these vitality features by themselves. They are much smaller than a cell and bacteria, and they are not actually alive.However, they are strange creatures that acquire life in a living thing, namely, in a cell.While viruses do not even exhibit external viability, they usually reproduce more than any other creature when they enter in a cell.Now let's examine the vitality features we have just mentioned and decide together who the offender is and what to do in the coronavirus outbreak. Let's better understand how important staying at home, social isolation and following hygiene rules.

1. Corona viruses cannot reproduce and increase externally. However, they can reproduce and multiply in a cell. A person carrying a virus actually causes the virus to reproduce millions or even billions. The corona virus has spread and multiplied so much due to human beings. So the way to be protected from the corona virus is not to take it into our body and leave it on its own. Then, they cannot reproduce and they will die.Let's not take and produce such a creature that does not even have reproductive characteristics outside our bodies and cells. Let's not leave our houses as much as possible.

2. Coronaviruses cannot grow on their own. In other words, they die on certain external surfaces after a certain time. Only when they enter a living cell they can grow and develop. So the way not to grow viruses; is to stay away from the virus or someone infected with the virus. The easiest way to do this is to stay at home, not to leave the house as much as possible.

3. Corona viruses cannot move on their own. So how did they spread all over the world in such a short time? They spread all over the world through people.Therefore, human is responsible for the spread of coronaviruses all over the world and for the death of so many people. So we have to try hard to stay at home. We should not give motion to a creature that cannot move.

4. Corona viruses cannot synthesize molecules in need of their own. Therefore, they cannot live outside of a living body. However, molecules required for its existence can be synthesized in a living body. So let's not take such a deadly virus into our body and not allow the molecules in need of virus to be synthesized. Let's stay at home, let's pay attention to the rules of social isolation.

5. Viruses cannot be fed externally. If they enter a living cell, they can feed and survive. So let's not let the coronaviruses infect us, feed on our body and survive. So let's stay home for a while.

6. Viruses need energy to survive. They obtain their energy through a living cell. They cannot produce external energy by their own and they die. So let's not take the viruses into our body and let them survive using our energy. Let's stay healthy by being at home and let the viruses die.

Corona viruses are between 80-160 nanometers (nm). Considering that one nm is one billionth of a meter (1/1000 000 000), it is understood how small the corona viruses are. Here you can see how much fear this small creature has inflicted on the whole world and what it has made the world. What other creature can give such a fear enough to imprison all people at home? What war or event could cause such a damage to the world economy? Yes, corona viruses are very small, they are not visible. Maybe we underestimate and be comfortable because we don't see it. If we look with a microscope, we can see Corona viruses, and if we look at the destruction it does, we can understand its importance.Let's stay at home, away from those who don't believe that they don't see viruses, and those who don't care, despite all the deaths.

Is it possible for new Corona viruses to be produced in the laboratory? Yes, it is possible. However, producing the virus in the laboratory does not mean producing the virus by using the elements in the structure of the living thing. To produce the virus in the laboratory means that changing the structure of an already existing virus, that is, changing its genetic software.Otherwise, humans can neither make viruses nor any living thing by using existing elements.While a human cannot make a virus by using existing elements, a virus cannot also occur by chance from existing elements in the soil.One of the most basic rules of biology is the following: A living-being is made up of living things, and cannot exist from inanimate by its own.

How much does a virus change when a it mutates?When a virus mutates, it becomes a different virus.Its genetic structure and infection characteristics change. However, this change cannot yield any living creature other than a virus.A mutated virus remains in the virus realm. That is, a bacterium or other creature can never emerge from a mutated virus. Just as there is no example of such a change in nature, science has not witnessed such a metamorphosis. In short, viruses do not gain vitality by mutation. Each newly mutated virus can show viability only in a living cell like its ancestors.

New Corona virus does not make everyone sick! Why doesn't it kill everyone? Friends, sickness in a person depends on three factors. The first is the causative agent (eg new Corona virus). The second is the effectiveness of the human immune system. Since the immune power of each person is different, the Covid-19, the course of the disease and the state of death also vary from person to person. Since the immune systems of older people are generally weaker than young people, Covid-19 is generally lethal in the elderly. The third factor that causes a person to become ill is stress. Stress has an exponential impact on living things. In other words, stress is the most important factor of sickness. Diseases are an important stress factor in living things.Therefore, Covid-19 effects and death rates caused by it are also higher for both the elderly and people with other diseases.That is why the elderly most die in the Covid-19 pandemic. In other words, both the weakness of the defense systems and the presence of other diseases increase the rate of Covid-19 infection and death rates for elderly people.

You may not be ill, you may not be aware that you have the new Corona virus. However, if you have a mother, father or other elders in your home, you should be careful for their sake. Maybe you can cause them to have Covid-19 or even death. Who wants to cause the death of his mother or father, grandfather or grandmother? Of course, none of you want it. So let's be careful! Corona viruses that we carry in our body and bring to our house, even if it does not make us sick, can infect our beloved elders and perhaps cause their death. Please Pay Utmost Attention!

What are the treatment methods of Covid-19 disease? Unfortunately, there is currently no drug that fully cures Covid-19. There is no vaccine developed for the new Corona virus so far. The best method of treatment is not to get the virus into our body. For this, we should pay utmost attention to hygiene and social isolation rules.So we have to stay at home for a while.

I believe we should avoid these two things.First: Let's not panic and fear, let's not fall into despair.Let's just comply with the measures. By following the necessary precautions, you are actually saying, "Oh our Lord! Protect us and our nation from this trouble and misfortune. ”By not obeying the measures, you actually demand calamity and trouble. The second important point is: Let's not be overly insensitive, let's be sensitive. Let's not forget that infecting someone else is violating the right of others. Maybe we can cause thousands of people to get sick or even die. This is an important sin. We can avoid this terrible sin only by following the precautions. Let's not forget that temporarily staying at home is the best way to protect yourself from the virus.

Your stay at home will help our country to overcome the corona virus pandemic more easily.We have taken all measures regarding distance education. This is not so that you can travel and take a vacation!I know this is very difficult for you young people. But we have to do it.You just stay at home. Follow your lectures online from our university website.Read a lot.Hopefully we will overcome this trouble and misfortune together, will meet on the streets of Kütahya, at our University campus; in our classrooms, laboratories, workshops, will face to each other, ask questions and make classes and compensate this period. I salute you all with my most heartfelt feelings, and urge you to contribute to our state and our nation by complying with the measures.

Stay at home, stay healthy.

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