Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinators Meeting was held at the conference hall at the Rectorate Building.

In the meeting in which the faculty and department representatives as Erasmus+ coordinator, vice Erasmus + coordinator, Mevlana and Farabi Exchange Programme coordinaters attended, the representatives were informed about the general student and staff selection procedures, required documents for application, the responsibilities of the coordinators before, during and after the mobilities were discussed. Listening to the suggestions and complaints of the coordinators, the International Relations Office started to update the website of the Office, required documents.

The coordinators were asked to disseminate the meeting at their own faculties by discussing with their colleagues, write a report about the meeting and send it to the International Relations Office. With the meetings which will held on certain times, it is aimed to reach more university staff and  decrease the number of staff who is not knowledgeable about the mobility programmes and the documentation of the mobility process.

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