P.E. Department student, national athlete Ramil Guliyev, who will be on the track at 200 meters in the European Athletics Championships in Berlin said he believes that he can break the records of Usain Bolt.


National athlete Ramil Guliyev, the world 200 meters champion and the second best white athlete in Europe below 100 meters, said he aims at the gold medal at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin, Germany between August 6-12. Responding to the questions of Sabah newspaper, Ramil Guliyev answered many questions from the European Athletics Championship to the training life. 


What's your goal in Berlin?

This year we have always worked for this. I hope I get two gold medals. We want to get gold as a team in the flag race. I'm going first at my own range. There's a lot of teams and good names. There are a lot of names that run in 9.90 minutes. But last week, when we looked at the races, there were 10.06 winners because the final run is a different race. There is psychologically a lot of pressure. Being in the final race is more different.


How's the work going?

I work 6 hours a day. This is a little less before the race because we have to come to the race renewed. We're doing more technical studies...


Will Bolt's records be improved at 100 and 200 meters?

I believe there is no limit, it can be done because there were always other records as we looked at the past, and the record was always improved by someone. Some records are broken again every year, especially sprint records. I am the second white athlete running under 100 meters in Europe.


Why do you think Bolt ended his career so early? Will it lead to search for a new Bolt?

Everyone wants to be an athlete like Bolt because when Bolt was racing, the stadiums were full for him. He left early because he won everything he could, and there's nothing left to win... He won the best medals and experienced the best. Maybe if someone breaks his record, it will motivate him, and I think he will come back in such a situation. Maybe I’ll break his record, who knows? I would like to break the European record in the European Championship as the target.


How do you evaluate Turkey's development in sports? 

I came to Turkey in 2011. İnterest in sport has increased ever since. The more interest you have in sport, the better sportsmen you raise. What's important is making the right investment. Starting sport education at a child's age is important because talent comes in childhood. Then, we become much more successful and I want to be supportive. I will be more interested in this subject when I end my career.


You had to stay away from big races because you changed the country between 2011 and 2014, and you had surgery. How would you be today if you hadn't lived those three years? 

I've had a hard life. Changing country, disability... We don't know whether it would be better if I  was born in the United States and had a teacher like Michael Johnson. I had to cross that road to be here today because if I'd crossed the other way, I'd be on the other way. I used to do a computer job, maybe I could do it, but I am here now.


What kind of plans do you have after you've finished your career? 

I have a project like Olympic High School of course, with the support of our state because I don’t want it to be a private school. That's how I studied. 85 percent of athletes in Azerbaijan studies in these high schools. There are such schools in many countries. We need to have a center. Thus, a great contribution to the development of athletes are provided.


How's your academic career going? 

I'm studying at Kutahya Dumlupınar University. My education is going well, but I can't go to school much because I am spending time with sports... It's more important for me to go abroad and win a medal.

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