ViPER Project

09 July 2014, Wednesday Assist. Prof. Dr. A. Naci Dogrul and Assist. Prof. Dr. N. Dogrul from Kutahya Vocational High School of Social Science in Dumlupinar University have participated in the second meeting of ViPER Project in Palermo/ITALY

Conference on Materials Science in Japan

24 June 2014, Tuesday Dumlupinar University has hosted Prof. Dr. Kohei Soga, a famous scientist in Tokyo University Of Secience, coming for the conference on Material Science organized by Science Graduate School of Science and Club of Ceramics and Science.

Meetings on Collaboration of Universities in the U.S.A.

23 June 2014, Monday In the content of Mevlana Exchange Programme, meetings were held in Florida International University and University of Miami (Florida), Southern University (Louisiana), Rockford University and Chicago American Islamic College (Illinois), Stevens Institute of Technology (New Jersey), Columbia University (New York) and Chicago Northwestern University in order to have a scientific and academic collaboration and cooperation.

DPU in 2014 General Assembly of European Universities Association

23 June 2014, Monday DPU was represented in the 2014 General Assembly of European Universities Association (EUA) in Brussels, Belgium on 3-4 April, 2014. Prof.Dr. Kaan Erarslan, Vice Rector of Dumlupinar University, joined in the assembly and annual conferences hosted by Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

Visiting ERASMUS+ Partners

23 June 2014, Monday Assist. Prof. Dr. Oktay SAHBAZ, head of International Relations Office, and Exp. Vehbi Onur DEMIRCILER, responsible for International Students, visited universities in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia in the scope of ERASMUS+ and MEVLANA Exchange Programme between the dates of 22nd and 29th March, 2014.

Cooperation with Saratov State University in Russia

23 June 2014, Monday Dumlupinar University has hosted the academic staff of Saratov State University, one of the most important 21 univesities in Russia. They have been invited by the Faculty of Fine Arts in order to cooperate and have an agreement.

DPU Events

Unit Events

Ankara Technical Trip of Tourist Guiding Students

With the guidance of second-year students, Tourist Guidance. Ankara technical trip was carried out under the coordination of Gülşen ÖZ. While the students gave their respects to Ataturk, they learned to transfer the spirit of liberation war from the professional tourist guide. Also in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations chronology of Anatolia, one of Turkey's most important and major museums were seen, he was experienced with memories of visits to the Assembly of the Republic. 13 March, 15 April 2020, Friday