Rising Star in Anatolia:Dumlupınar University!

07 July 2015, Tuesday Dumlupınar University is on the rise! Our university came 1483th among the World-wide universities in 2013. However, it has come 1092nd in 2014-2015 Academic Year in the world ranking. Also, it has risen up from 39th to 22nd among Turkish universities.

Young Researcher Award

07 July 2015, Tuesday Res. Assist. Mesut Alper GEZER from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Dumlupınar University has deserved to get the Young Researcher Award in Poland. He has made the presentation regarding ‘Manufacturing Sector Concentration and Seeking for Alternative Region beside Marmara Region in Turkey: A Spatial Data Analysis’ prepared with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih ÇELEBİOĞLU in ‘3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON URBAN AND REGIONAL ECONOMICS’.

Participation in the project meeting "ON-OFF Exchange of Methodologies in Education of Detainees"

08 May 2015, Friday Prof. Dr. Hüsamettin İNAÇ, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, participated in the project meeting named as “ON-OFF Exchange of Methodologies in Education of Detainees” supported by Republic of Turkey Ministry for EU Affairs, Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes and conducted by Afyonkarahisar Open Prison Penal Institution. He gave important information on EU Citizenship.

Cartoon Festival at DPU

16 April 2015, Thursday IX. Cartoon Festival took place at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Dumlupınar University between the dates 13-15 April, 2015.

’The Truth’-Documentary

15 April 2015, Wednesday Al Hijrah Channel in Malasia has completed camera shooting in Kütahya for the documentary named as ‘The Truth’ concerning works of art, culture and architecture of Ottoman Empire.

Golden Spider Web Awards 2015

15 April 2015, Wednesday Website of Dumlupınar University has come first in the category of schools in Golden Spider Web Awards 2015 known as ‘Oscars of the Web’ in Turkey.

International Poster Competition- ‘ORGAN DONATION’

15 April 2015, Wednesday Department of Visual Communication and Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dumlupınar University has had a cooperation with Turkish Transplant Foundation within the context of international poster competition named as ‘Organ Donation’.

DPU Events

Unit Events

Ankara Technical Trip of Tourist Guiding Students

With the guidance of second-year students, Tourist Guidance. Ankara technical trip was carried out under the coordination of Gülşen ÖZ. While the students gave their respects to Ataturk, they learned to transfer the spirit of liberation war from the professional tourist guide. Also in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations chronology of Anatolia, one of Turkey's most important and major museums were seen, he was experienced with memories of visits to the Assembly of the Republic. 13 March, 15 April 2020, Friday