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Quality Committee Meeting

16 October 2019, Wednesday Kütahya Dumlupınar University Quality Advisory Board members met in the Senate Hall of our university to prepare for the new term.

Dpü Hosts the 8th of IT Seminar

01 October 2019, Tuesday International Electrical Electronics Engineering Student community organized the 8th of IT seminar at our university with the participation of students.

DPÜ Giysibank Has Opened

25 September 2019, Wednesday Kütahya Dumlupınar University department of Health Culture And Sports and Turkish Red Crescent Kütahya branch made a project for students who need clothes to get free.
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Another Internationalization Success from DPU

24 September 2019, Tuesday Another step has been taken in the realization of internationalization, which is one of the main targets of Kütahya Dumlupınar University. Our university was awarded 151.730 Euros for Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility.

Professor Dr. Kazım Uysal Visits Jordan University

20 September 2019, Friday Rector of Kütahya Dumlupınar University Prof. Dr. Kâzım Uysal and his delegation visited Jordan’s oldest university, the Jordan University, for graduate studies and the creation of collaborations under the Mevlana Exchange Program.

DPÜ ÜLGEN Produced Rocket Head Separator Mechanism

19 September 2019, Thursday ÜLGEN Rocket Team, consisting of 11 students from the engineering departments of DPU, was able to produce the mechanism that separates the title of the rocket they made to join TEKNOFEST after reaching the required altitude.

Dumlupınar Battle Echoes in the Press

19 September 2019, Thursday The 1922 Book of Battle of Dumlupınar Supreme Commander in the Press, prepared within the scope of Dumlupınar to Dumlupınar Project conducted by Kütahya Dumlupınar University, was published.

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Kindergarten Decorative Wall Painting Event

In the scope of the Social Responsibility Project, the students of the Interior Design Program without a High School Vocational High School did the decorative wall painting work in the kindergarten of Simav District Mufti in the Coordinator of Mustafa ORDU. 25 July, 30 December 2019, Wednesday

Şenköy Primary School Students‘ Vocational High School Visits

During the past year, the students of Vocational High School Interior Design Program visited Şenköy Primary School within the scope of Social Responsibility Project. Primary school students, who are satisfied with this visit, visited the Vocational High School this year. Şenköy İlkokulu Müdürü Burak ERDURAN and his teachers have welcomed the minors to the managers without Vocational High Schools. Tiny students who visited our school's units together with students of the Interior Design Program without Vocational High School, played games at our school and flew kites. Vocational Small children who eat lunch together with sister and elder siblings in a lunch without a high school have happily completed the day by making various conversations in their school classes. 25 July, 31 December 2019, Wednesday

Volleyball Tournaments

Within the scope of 2016-2017 Academic Year Spring Festivals, volleyball tournaments were organized between Simav Technology Faculty, Simav Vocational School and Simav Health Services Vocational Students. Turnuvalar started on April 8, 2017 and ended on Tuesday, April 16, 2017 with the final matches.   COMPARING VOLLEYBALL MEN 1. Computer Programming Program 2. Local Administrations Program (Guardian) 3.Material Engineering   VOLLEYBALL WOMEN'S RESORTS 1. Human Resource Management 2nd Interior Design Program programming program 25 July, 31 December 2020, Wednesday